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Local Lawn Care Services

We are not a franchise operation or one of those large lawn care companies that are all about profits. Instead we are your local lawn treatment and maintenance company in Bucks County that cares deeply about our local community. Alpine Gardens of Langhorne has joined forces with DKC Landscaping of Newtown and Upper Makefield Township in recent years. Two local landscapers that are stronger together and you reap the benefits of affordable lawn care and local customer service that cares about keeping it green.

If you’re looking for a GREEN, HEALTHY and WEED-FREE lawn, we are here to help!  We offer great, personalized service with fair and competitive prices. Our reputation is “A Service Company” first.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the individual care each customer deserves. We are a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Bucks County and surrounding areas since 1988.

Lawn Treatments include:

  • Gold Standard Lawn Care Program
  • Our Organic Lawn Care Program
  • Grub Control
  • Surface Feeding Insect Control
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Lawn Disease Treatment
  • Lime Treatment
  • Soil Testing

Stop struggling with your yard and leave the hard work to our lawn care service experts. We personalize every service to meet the unique demands of your lawn. It’s an approach that sets us apart from the competition and delivers beautiful results.

Weed Control Service

It all starts with a pre-emergent week control application timed perfectly just before the early weeds start to wake up after a long winter’s nap. A healthier lawn will crowd any most opportunities for weeds to take hold so 2 weeks we apply the pre-emergent weed killer and crabgrass prevention, it is important we start with our organic lawn fertilizer service that is designed to strengthen your root systems.

Mosquito Yard Treatment

Spend quality time in your back yard and front porch this year and stop battling those pesky mosquitoes. We offer affordable, effective mosquito control solutions for both residential and commercial clients so you can enjoy being outside again. Our mosquito control services will help you win this battle and transform your yard into a peaceful place for you and your family.

Barrier Spray Treatment

Once every 21 days, a trained technician will come out and treat your yard, making sure to target the perimeter as well as the foliage and any other places where mosquitoes may live. All we ask for is a period of 30 minutes before letting your pets outside for the treatment to dry.

Natural Mosquito Control

Our natural treatment options deter mosquitoes immediately and effectively just like our traditional barrier treatment. We will suggest plantings of citronella and other plants placed strategically where mosquitos frequent. We will also use botanicals derived from natural plant oils and range from 14 to 21-day cycles to maintain the same effective outdoor pest control.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial LandingscapingFirst impressions count and your team at Alpine Gardens understands that your clients and the business community around your properties are making decisions and judgments about your organization based upon appearances as well as the other information you share with them. Appearances do matter for your employees too. We offer you lawn cutting and commercial gardening services that help you put your best foot forward. We serve businesses throughout Bucks County, Northeast Philadelphia and eastern Montgomery County PA.

Our commercial landscape maintenance team will work with your site manager to develop a plan that works best for you. Size does not matter to us. We work with small business owners, office parks, healthcare campuses and those that manage a chain of stores. Let’s schedule a meeting today (215) 860-5066