Spring bed mulching

When having mulch delivered for your beds this spring, choose a quality mulch from a quality manufacturer or delivery service. Inspect the load before it is dumped. Never accept mulch with trash or nails mixed in.  Know the amount needed as to not be short or have to much left over. Make sure the truck delivering the mulch contains the correct amount ordered. If you dont know the amount needed use our handy mulch calculator to figure it out. When applying only apply about 2-2.5″ and never pile mulch up againt tree trunks or the base of shrubs, feather in these areas. Always apply a quality pre-emergent to all beds prior to mulching to help control weeds. Good luck and have fun being outdoors this spring!

Our Spring Clean Up Package

Start your spring season off right and provide your lawn and landscape the best opportunity to look beautiful. Neglecting your lawn during April and early May can be hazardous to your lawns summer and fall health. It all starts with a spring cleanup once the weather breaks. Most lawns create a layer of thatch and if the snow was heavy, you may be have a thicker layer of thatch, sticks and residue from the late fall.

Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up: Let Alpine Gardens Do the Heavy Work

Our team will rake your lawn removing a layer of thatch and sticks and remove most of the winter debris. If it was a particularly heavy winter, there may be an additional charge to tackle tree removal, broken tree branches and some heavy lifting outside of the scope of this offer.

Early spring is the best time to repair damage caused by snow plows and snow blowers. You will find most of this damage around driveways and the lawn close to the paved areas. Our team will prepare the soil for sod and overseeding. Growing new grass successfully is time sensitive. If you plant grass too late, the new grass roots will be stressed by the warm dry summer weather.

Weed Control for Flower Beds

Adding pre-emergent in April is a must if you want to control the weeds before they have a pre emergentchance to take root. Waiting to apply the pre-emergent granules until May will reduce its effectiveness and add to your manual weeding later in the season. If you have perennials that bloom in the late Spring, they will need the room to grow and spread and if weeds are in the way, they may get choked. The next step in the process is to apply a nice layer of shredded mulch to help control weeds and improve the quality of your soil.

Tree Pruning and Shrub Maintenance

shrub maintenanceEarly spring is a great time to do some heavy pruning of your ornamental trees and shrubs. It is best to address this in the fall but if you did not get a chance, your team at Alpine Gardens has all the tools and experience to do this task for you. Timing is critical and the natural blooming cycle of some trees may be disrupted but the overall health of your trees and shrubs will be greatly improved with a properly pruned garden.

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Let us know in the comments what you do to care for your gardens and lawn in the spring time.